Saturday, April 24, 2010

Article Spinning Software Program

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Attention All Of You Articles Writers

Hello to all of you article writers. I'm writing this article to share with you and exciting unbelievable software program I purchased today. I bet your saying purchased? Mailxpress never buys anything. Mailxpress articles niche is all about earning revenue online free. I'm writing to explain WHY I purchased this one particular product.

I write articles online daily because I enjoy it but it takes hours of time to write new and original content at so many different revenue sharing websites I belong to. After writing/creating a few articles at different websites, once I begin to write the third or fourth article I run out of ideas. I run out of different ways to describe the subject at hand. Trying to think of new words to say something over and over again makes you mentally tired.

I came across an article at Redgage while I was reading and surfing around to continue learning other ways to help my articles, blogs and free websites receive a higher index ranking by the search engines. I'm still a work in progress so i must research sometimes so while I was researching I came upon an article promoting a software product called TheBestSpinner. I spent the time to read the Splash Page and I also took the time to watch the video. I couldn't believe my eyes. I watched it three times. I was so impressed because after watching the video three times I finally understood what the software package could do for me and how much valuable time it would save me too.

Let me explain in more detail how the software package works.

This is one way I am going to use the program. I will first write a whole new blog here at blogger. After writing the blog I then copy and paste the blogs text/content into the software program. Then I put a spin on it which means the software program helps me reword my entire Hub/article within minutes. After I changed many of the words and sentences the Hubs topic/subject stayed exactly the same. Using the software program will not change the topic/subject at hand it changes the wording of the Hub/article so every time I put a spin on it the software system simply creates new and original content every single time. I took one blog/article, placed a spin on it and told the program to produce twelve new and original articles/content from the same blog/article. I took one blog/article and turned it into twelve new and original articles. Then I copy and pasted the first of the twelve newly created articles and submitted it to a revenue sharing website. Next I took the second newly created article and submitted it to a different revenue sharing website. Then I took the third newly created article and submitted it to another revenue sharing website etc .. Wow, as I'm writing this article I'm still amazed by the power of TheBestSpinner.

If you write articles online to earn revenue are you able to see the potential to increasing your revenue at a much quicker pace? Can you see how using a program such as this can save you a significant amount of time and energy?
What will i do with all of my extra spare time? Since I won't need to spend hours rewriting articles to generate new and original content I now can spend more time creating/building free websites AND marketing my blogs and websites. I also have more time to write new blogs here at blogger rather than wasting precious time rewriting most of my Hubs to submit them to all of the other revenue sharing websites.

Listen up everyone, the more you produce the more you can earn. The more you write the more you market yourself online. Each  article, blog and free website you create raises your revenue in addition to advertising. I feel it goes together.

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